Tankless water heater vs. boiler

Hi Guys,

Last time with your helpful comments I could found the best vacuum and it works perfectly.

Thank you for the help!

Now, I would like to ask for an advice, again. (Sorry for asking it for it again, but I live alone and there is no one who could help me with household appliances.)

The boiler I used in the last 10 years suddenly finished its services. I called a mechanical and he said that it is done. He could not repair it, so, I have to a buy new one, or I can look for a tankless water heater instead. He kindly explained to me what a water heater is, but I didn’t asked him advice on purpose, I didn’t want to be misled.

I bought a new shower cabin, which is still waiting for installation, so maybe I could get it done together with the replacement of the boiler. I wish I could kill two birds with one rock.

I searched for and found some interesting comparison about water heaters and boilers. I don’t really understand those metrics and this is why I ask for your help. Would you be so kind and help me to choose which device should I buy?

I’ll give you the link of the best tankless water heater I could find with detailed information. Maybe you can start with this.

I only know that I’m up to pay more for the better solution. I want a reliable and easy to use device in my bathroom. One point of view is that the smaller is the better for me, because the shower cabin I mentioned already took a lot of space and because my flat is not so big every m2 counts.

So guys which is the better?  A tankless water heater or a boiler?



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