Record player to create a romantic atmosphere

Hi guys,

How are you?

The series of unfortunate events are over.  After fixing my whole apartment I had some time for myself. I could spend money on things I like, and not only which are necessary.

I already renewed my mascara set and brought some fancy new clothes. I was happy to do this kind of things and not just taking care of my home. Furthermore, I was able to go out two weeks ago. Me and my girls went drinking and after that, we had a great time in a local disco.

Believe it or not, but we didn’t get drunk and I was lucky enough to find a guy who was able to listen to all the girly things we spoke about. While doing this, he looked in my eyes continuously. It was embarrassing in the beginning, but I like guys who know what they want, and he surely did.

We danced for ours, but he was a real gentleman and not touched my lady parts. I was surprised that men like him still exists… my previous relationships were worse than you can imagine, so I had no reason to trust a random guy. But after the night I was happy to meet him. I gave him my number and after 2 days he asked me for a date.

We went to a Sushi Bar, where we were able to talk properly. We had a great time and we’ll meet again this weekend. I want to know this guy much better. There is potential in him.

We’ll meet in my apartment and I’ll cook some proper food. There is no problem with that, I love to cook and based on the feedbacks I do it well. The problem is that I can’t make the night so romantic as I want because I don’t have anything that could lighten the atmosphere.

Of course (as always), I did a small research and I found out that the thing I was looking for is a record player. With that and some vinyl discs, I can create the best place for a second date. I already found the best record player with modern design and ordered it instantly. I wish it’ll arrive in time because I don’t want to miss this chance…


Wish me luck! 😉

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