Record player to create a romantic atmosphere

Hi guys,

How are you?

The series of unfortunate events are over.  After fixing my whole apartment I had some time for myself. I could spend money on things I like, and not only which are necessary.

I already renewed my mascara set and brought some fancy new clothes. I was happy to do this kind of things and not just taking care of my home. Furthermore, I was able to go out two weeks ago. Me and my girls went drinking and after that, we had a great time in a local disco.

Believe it or not, but we didn’t get drunk and I was lucky enough to find a guy who was able to listen to all the girly things we spoke about. While doing this, he looked in my eyes continuously. It was embarrassing in the beginning, but I like guys who know what they want, and he surely did.

We danced for ours, but he was a real gentleman and not touched my lady parts. I was surprised that men like him still exists… my previous relationships were worse than you can imagine, so I had no reason to trust a random guy. But after the night I was happy to meet him. I gave him my number and after 2 days he asked me for a date.

We went to a Sushi Bar, where we were able to talk properly. We had a great time and we’ll meet again this weekend. I want to know this guy much better. There is potential in him.

We’ll meet in my apartment and I’ll cook some proper food. There is no problem with that, I love to cook and based on the feedbacks I do it well. The problem is that I can’t make the night so romantic as I want because I don’t have anything that could lighten the atmosphere.

Of course (as always), I did a small research and I found out that the thing I was looking for is a record player. With that and some vinyl discs, I can create the best place for a second date. I already found the best record player with modern design and ordered it instantly. I wish it’ll arrive in time because I don’t want to miss this chance…


Wish me luck! 😉

Tankless water heater vs. boiler

Hi Guys,

Last time with your helpful comments I could found the best vacuum and it works perfectly.

Thank you for the help!

Now, I would like to ask for an advice, again. (Sorry for asking it for it again, but I live alone and there is no one who could help me with household appliances.)

The boiler I used in the last 10 years suddenly finished its services. I called a mechanical and he said that it is done. He could not repair it, so, I have to a buy new one, or I can look for a tankless water heater instead. He kindly explained to me what a water heater is, but I didn’t asked him advice on purpose, I didn’t want to be misled.

I bought a new shower cabin, which is still waiting for installation, so maybe I could get it done together with the replacement of the boiler. I wish I could kill two birds with one rock.

I searched for and found some interesting comparison about water heaters and boilers. I don’t really understand those metrics and this is why I ask for your help. Would you be so kind and help me to choose which device should I buy?

I’ll give you the link of the best tankless water heater I could find with detailed information. Maybe you can start with this.

I only know that I’m up to pay more for the better solution. I want a reliable and easy to use device in my bathroom. One point of view is that the smaller is the better for me, because the shower cabin I mentioned already took a lot of space and because my flat is not so big every m2 counts.

So guys which is the better?  A tankless water heater or a boiler?



Vacuum cleaner vs Spider

Hi Guys!

I would like to ask for some help.

Last week while I was cleaning the house I (somehow) broke the vacuum cleaner, which I used in the past 5 years.

As usually I started with cleaning the floor, but after that I noticed that a huge (at least as big as my hand) spider was walking on the wall. Without hesitation I started hitting it with the object closest to me. Unfortunately it was the vacuum cleaner. Needless to say the spider got away while all the doors and windows were closed, so it is still in my flat.

That was 1 week ago and there is no sign of that insect. You can say that I’m a bit paranoic, but I know that this beast is still inside.

Despite my death fear, I have to do something in the topic of cleaning.

Now I have to buy a new vacuum cleaner but I don’t know which to choose. The one I mentioned has been bought by my father but now his knowledge is not available, he is in a 3 month long world wilde trip, and I need a new vacuum ASAP.

I already found some interesting facts and comparisons about vacuums, but I don’t want to be fooled. The best vacuum review I found is the one I linked, but I still has concerns.

Guys, please help me. I need one, small enough to be stored in my tiny flat, but big enough to be able to deal with that spider. Next time I’ll face with it I want to end this war and capture it in the dust bag. So please help me to choose the most suitable product. I’ll make you a dinner for a whole week if your opinion really helps.

Thanks in advance!



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